UCSD ECE276A: Sensing & Estimation in Robotics (Winter 2019)

Date Lecture Materials Assignments
Jan 08 Introduction
Jan 10 Background: Linear Algebra, Probability Theory Barfoot-Ch2, Matrix-calculus
Jan 15 Color Vision and Parameter Estimation HW1, HW1 Solutions
Jan 17 Supervised Learning Mitchell-NaiveBayesLogReg
Jan 22 Catch-up
Jan 24 Unsupervised Learning Tomasi-EM
Jan 29 Bayes Filter, Particle Filter Barfoot-Ch4.2
Jan 31 Rotations Barfoot-Ch6.1-6.3 HW2, HW2 Testset, HW2 Solutions
Feb 05 Motion and Observation Models Barfoot-Ch6.4
Feb 07 Particle Filter SLAM Thrun-Ch7-9
Feb 12 Projective Geometry, Camera Model Barfoot-Ch6.4
Feb 14 Visual Features, Optical Flow Image-Features, Shi-Good-Features-To-Track
Feb 19 SE(3) Geometry and Kinematics Barfoot-Ch7.1-7.3
Feb 21 Kalman Filter Barfoot-Ch3.3 HW3, HW3 Testset, HW3 Solutions
Feb 26 EKF, UKF Barfoot-Ch4.2
Feb 28 Catch-up
Mar 05 Visual-Inertial SLAM
Mar 07 Batch Estimation
Mar 12 Localization and Odometry from Point Features
Mar 14 Hidden Markov Models Rabiner-HMM
Mar 19 Final Exam Final Exam Practice Problems
Final Exam Practice Solutions
Final Exam Solutions